How to Have a Great Experience at a Remote Fishing Lodge

If you love fishing way out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbs, then renting a remote fishing lodge is a great idea. You can share the space with a friend or two, and spend a few days just immersing yourself in nature and making great catches. If this will be your first time staying at a fishing lodge, though, there are a few tips you'll want to follow for a great experience.

Bring Ice and a Quality Cooler

You may figure you'll just eat your catch every day and won't really have a need to ice it down for long. But what if you catch five fish one day and then zero the next? It's a shame to let fish go to waste, and you won't want to leave your quiet lodge and drive back to town just for ice. High-quality, modern coolers can keep ice frozen (and therefore your fish cold) for four days or longer, so they're a good investment. Pack one completely full of ice before you go. If you can get your hands on some dry ice, that's even better.

Pack Some Cards or Games

While you may spend the majority of your time out fishing, you don't really want to be out there doing so after dark. And sitting around a remote lodge without television can get boring quickly. Pack a deck of cards or a few board games. Some fishing lodges are already stocked with these things, so check the listing before you go. If you can afford to do so, it's always nice to bring along a game or a puzzle book and then leave it for the next guests.

Bring Clothing for All Weather

Most remote fishing lodges have a basic wood stove for heat. Some may have a propane heater. Either way, you can't count on the lodge being quite as warm as the average home on a cold night. And if the evening is hot, you can bet the lodge will be hot, too. If all of your clothing is damp because you wore it out fishing all day, you may be in a heap of trouble. So, pack heavy when it comes to clothing. Bring thin and thick layers and plenty of them. You don't want to spend your fishing lodge vacation shivering away.

With the tips above, you'll have a better stay at a remote fishing lodge. It's really nice to relax and fish, knowing that you have a comfortable, if rustic, lodge to come back to. To learn more, contact a lodge, such as Bear's Den Lodge, in your area.

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