Why You Should Choose Official Airport Transportation Over a Rideshare Service

When you're planning to go to the airport to travel, you have plenty of decisions on how to get there. While you might be tempted to reach for your phone to schedule a rideshare to pick you up, you might want to think twice about that. Here's why you should still go for official airport transportation over a rideshare option.

No Guarantee of Help

There are certain requirements that rideshare drivers have to meet, like having a valid license, a clean driving record, and car insurance. However, Uber and Lyft don't say anything about helping people with their luggage. While some drivers may be inclined to do so, there's no guarantee that you'll get any help with it, which can be quite the burden for people who have a lot of luggage or have physical impairments that make it hard to lift things and put them in a trunk.

You can pretty much guarantee, however, that if you call a professional airport transportation company, they'll be more than happy to help you—it's a part of their job.

Car Contaminants

Rideshare services are expected to keep their cars clean, but that doesn't mean that they'll necessarily smell good. Some rideshare drivers are content to let people smoke in their cars, and that smoke can be extremely irritating to smell during your entire car ride. The smoke could also contaminate your clothing and luggage. If you're worried about this with any other kind of airport transportation, you can always request a smoke-free car to pick you up.


Lastly, many airports now have restrictions placed on where rideshares are allowed to pick up and drop off passengers. In order to keep the flow of traffic moving, many rideshare vehicles are now relegated to only stopping a fair distance away from the entrance to the airport. In other words, you'll have to drag your luggage with you further than if you were being dropped off by an airport-approved taxi or another vehicle. Official airport transportation vehicles can often park right up front at the drop-off.

These are just a few things to consider when determining how you'll get to and from the airport. By now the decision should be clear: if you want the best experience getting to the airport, a rideshare option isn't the solution you want. Contact a company that specializes in airport transportation and know that your trip will be safe, clean, and efficient.

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